From Seoul To Bogotá – What Are The Common Points?

Two completely different countries or cities may have a lot more in common than you may anticipate.  All you need to do is look closely enough. When people travel between countries, they mostly expect to experience culture shock. Coming across similarities maybe even more shocking.

This is what you are likely to experience when you travel from Seoul to Bogotá. Two different cities in two very diverse countries – continents even, yet with similarities in character as well as history.

The likeness is not only in the color of hair or some of the architecture. Human beings are known to exhibit some qualities that are similar even when their cultures are different. You will also notice common points in the following:


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LilHumpers – MILF Share Knowledge

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The expression is said happily and with much pleasure.

Residents of both cities are exceedingly polite. In Bogotá, you are likely to hear a lot of “con mucho gusto” which translates to “With pleasure”.

The expression is said happily and with much pleasure.

Similarly, the expression bahn – gap – seup – ni – da” which means “nice to meet you” is uttered quite often in Seoul.

Another similarity which has to do with speech is the absence of cadence when speaking. Also, the tone in both cities is neutral.

A Past Steeped In Violence

Both cities have had a taste of violence as the respective cosmopolitans have experienced internal conflict.

Residents of both cities know all too well the kind of havoc that violence can wreak. They have also experienced ostracization from the rest of the world as a result.

In addition, the residents in both cities find it difficult to discuss that difficult past. In Korea, they even have an expression for the pain they feel. They call it ‘han’. Both cities prefer to move on from their painful past and will not be caught rehashing it.

Life After Conflict

They prefer to look to the future and celebrate their successes.

Both cities have learned hard lessons but they have learned to move on from the agony of a war-filled past.

Having undergone so much heartache and loss, the two cities have found a way to quit reliving the agony. They prefer to look to the future and celebrate their successes.

Both cities are thriving cosmopolitans that take pride in their lives and progress. They have even been able to open up their lives and cultures to the international community.

Colombian Coffee

It is favorite the world over but the people of Bogotá and Seoul have a special liking for it.

A good mug of Colombian java is great for breakfast or the coffee break at work. It is also a favorite beverage for serving anyone who visits your house.

Expression Of Love

Public displays of affection are frowned upon in Korea. A couple making out in public could face major backlash.

Colombians may not have the same inhibitions. A canoodling couple may actually elicit smiles or even an occasional thumbs – up.

However, there are similarities when it comes to the expression of love within the family.

In both cities, familial ties are quite strong. Children in both Seoul and Bogotá are allowed to live at home until they get married. In many countries, especially in the west, this is not always possible.

However, if they are to date, they may have to sneak around to spend time with their partners. Culture in both cities can be quite strict where romance and marriage are concerned.


It is entirely possible for two completely different cultures to have quite a lot in common. Human beings whatever their geographical locations often exhibit some characteristics that are similar in nature. It could be in their character, their food or even belief system.

Whatever it is, it’s possible to fly across the ocean and find a culture with something in common with yours.

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