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  • Do's and Dont's in South Korea and Colombia

    Getting by safely and without offending cultural sensibilities in South Korea and Colombia needs different sets of rules.

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  • Cultural Differences in Colombia And South Korea

    The two countries poles apart economically; one is an extroverted, enthusiastic Latin American culture; another is a quite Confucian country where there are complex social hierarchies and quite rigid gender roles.

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  • The Interesting Past of Korean Martial Arts

    The history of Taekwondo and other martial arts are old and rich. There are royal tombs from Korea’s ancient past with murals in which figures could either be dancing or fighting.

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Where I rave (and sometimes complain) about my experiences living in Colombia and South Korea, and hope it serves as a guide for others like me. Two very different cultures, yet similar in some respects. Both out of my comfort zone, which is why I decided I had to check them out, conquer them in a way. “You’re moving to Colombia? Alone? A single woman? That’s a terrible idea!”were the words that I heard when I let my friends know I was leaving to teach in Colombia. “Why???” said everyone. Why not? The resistance was exactly why I felt my decision was the right one. Though it wasn’t always easy. Not in Colombia, and especially not in South Korea. When you’re in a country where you’re obviously a foreigner, there are little challenges that come up on a daily basis. If you’re adventurous, as I am quite a bit of the time, you’ll find these little challenges thrilling, opportunities for learning.


South Korea Trip

Spectacular Tourist Attractions in South Korea


Cheomseongdae Observatory


Cherry Blossom Festival in South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace


Seoraksan National Park

Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond in Gyeongju

South Korea was very different from Colombia, and in thinking about it, I realized that I had gone there with some preconceived notions about the country. In my year at Seoul (with some trips to the countryside) I went on to revise most of my ideas about South Korea.

South Koreans are not all obsessed with appearance, test scores (over experience), work, alcohol, buying things and other stereotypes. At least, not any more than the average person in a modern, capitalist country. And they are not all small. There were some women in my school about my size.

Things I learned in South Korea

#1 – Oriental Beauty Is A Turn On

Little Asians – this is a shocking series that’s debuting in the Web soon. All about these tiny oriental bodies of grown up women. I’m not sure what’s the deal and why these Western boys love it so much but I can for a fact that this series will be adults only. Focusing on these tiny bodies and their hung partners I’m expecting some graphic contrast with sexual flavors. Is it a thing for many? For sure.

Visit Little Asians

#4 – Kings Of Reality Fun

RK Prime – the kings of reality entertainment are here. And in 2022 they are focusing on Prime subseries guaranteeing the biggest emotions yet. Watch them score some ladies!

#7 – Consensual Abuse

Abuse Me! – some girls just want it rough. FACT. If everything is done with mutual respect and consent there is nothing better than spicing things up, by… a lot!

#2 – BoyForSale Series

BoyForSale – it is the very niche series in the Web where fictional auctions are taking place only for wealthy men. What bids are on? It’s submissive boys ready to serve their new owners. As freaky as this fantasy sounds it’s executed perfectly and you can enjoy the very sexual content in sub/dom fashion.

Visit BoyForSale.net

#5 – Sins Can Be Sweet

Sweet Sinner – everything you wanted to know about sensual filth. Yes, there is such thing – just take a look at those couples and their ways of sinning. Being filthy can be sweet, but when it’s also sensual it’s whole another experience. Watch now!

#8 – Dogfart Network – DFXtra

DFXtra – the lovers of interracial content should cheer because Dogfart is being migrated onto the new platform where quality is even better, yet the setting of this gonzo, no-storyline black on white fun is kept. The secret ingredient that’s been working since 1996 – this is Dogfart!

#3 – Anal Envy

Anal Envy – nothing like old-fashioned society-forbidden kind of fetishes, right? That’s kind of the thing with this exclusive series built under network of Modern-day Sins. Fascination with all things oriented on the backdoor game are here and you can be sure you are going to love every single one of them.

Visit AnalEnvy.org

#6 – Gay Fun… Next Door!

Next Door Studios – enjoy the finest gay fun in unrestricted ways with this one. All kinks of male on male love are happening here in action filled episodes. Whatever fantasy you might be having, it’s great chance it’s been pictured already!

#9 – Noir Male

Noir Male – all about gay black men and their way of having desires fulfilled and satisfied. Watch Mile High Media in its prime when it comes to creating the most engaging black men content on the web!


My Favorite Quote

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.”

                                                                                                                       – Mark Twain –


Colombia Trip

The most diverse and scenic Tourist Attractions in Colombia

Las Lajas Sanctuary

Museo Botero

Teleférico de Monserrate

Gold Museum Bogota

Tayrona National Natural Park

El Peñón de Guatapé

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

Los Nevados National Natural Park

I had been warned against going solo in Colombia. But I don’t regret it, even after some hearing some horror stories that, I’m ashamed to rejoice, didn’t happen to me. Somehow I escaped the worst of misogyny and violence that some other women I met told me they experienced.But I also saw the friendliness of Colombian locals. And I learned and was forced to speak Spanish, a language that I didn’t know before I went, would become such a big part of my life.




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