My Interactive Bio

Hi, my name is Sarah. To know more about me, match the questions on the left with the answers on the right.

1) My hometown                                                                      a) hitchhiked with a Canadian and Chinese monk

2) My college and major                                                         b) a small town in Southern Maine

3) Places I’ve lingered for at least 2 months                       c) Mongolia

4) Languages I’ve studied                                                       d) Teaching English for Livelihoods in Colombia with the Peace Corps

5) The most interesting place I’ve traveled                        e) Pratt Institute; BFA Art and Design Education, minor in painting and art                                                                                                                     history

6) What I’m currently doing with my life                             f) Korean and Spanish

7) A weird thing I’ve done                                                       g) make collages, read, dance, pet stray cats

8) What I do in my free time                                                  h) Gorham, Sebago Lake, Cusco, Brooklyn, Seoul, Sangweol-myun, Rotterdam,                                                                                                                Barranquilla, La Boquilla

*For more info, contact me.


-Text and photography by Sarah Shaw @ All rights reserved.


  1. Michael
    June 27, 2012

    You must add New Zealand to your list! You haven’t lived until you have explored the world-in-one-country.

    • Sarah Shaw
      June 28, 2012

      Of course I would like to visit New Zealand! I’d really like to visit very country, so it’s hard to narrow down my list. ^^

  2. Allison
    July 28, 2012

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this blog (no connection to the website, just an overused idiom). I’m from the midwest, lived in Asia (India), am looking to move to NYC and am continually restless. This post- and the website as a whole- is fantastic. You sound like so much fun! Oh, and I love maps, too. :)

  3. sunyijoo
    March 12, 2013

    Happy to have you here in Korea. Your students must be very lucky to learn English from You! I’m sure you’ll have a great time while exploring Korea.

  4. Steve Butterfield
    May 23, 2013

    Came across your blog while looking up info about Matador U. One of those typical “small world” moments – I’m also from Maine (Hallowell) and also taught in Korea (Busan, last year). Happy trails!
    Steve Butterfield recently posted…Through Me You Pass Into the City of WoeMy Profile

    • Sarah Shaw
      May 23, 2013

      Wow, I rarely meet other Mainers here in Korea! Thanks for stopping by. :) Did you enjoy your time in Korea? Where are you living now?

      • Steve Butterfield
        May 23, 2013

        I did enjoy Busan – more or less. If you’d asked me RIGHT when I left, it probably would have been a very different answer, but time has made me look back on it more gently. I’m in Budapest now. Moved here last summer to start a two-year masters in public policy: year 1 here, year 2 (starting this September) in Barcelona. It’s a hard knock life, but, you know, “somebody has to do it” and all that. Shoot me a message – I think you should have my e-mail address now – I’d love to chat more, I’m really interested by your blog and your MatadorU experience. Especially enjoy your post about privilege in Korea, such a huge issue when I was there (though one that cuts both ways: I left shortly after the whole scandal with that “news” “expose” of foreign men & Korean women…oy)

        • Sarah Shaw
          May 26, 2013

          Sounds like an interesting program–it must feel fresh to move somewhere new. I’m also sad to leave Korea next month, but I’m really excited to move to Colombia and begin adjusting to a new environment. I read your email, and I’ll respond soon. Have been a bit busy at the moment though! My apologies. Thanks for reading! ^^


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