the strangest pick-up lines I've gotten around the globe

the strangest pick-up lines I’ve gotten around the globe

1. The Dorkiest: (setting: Hiking in Peru.) Me: OMG a kitten! I run to pet it. Peruvian tour guide: Do you like cats? Me: Yeah. Peruvian tour guide: I am a cat!   2. The Creepiest: (setting: Summer, daytime, sitting on a bench in Hongdae park in Seoul, South Korea.) Me: Reading my book, minding my own business, waiting...
Guest Post on "The Art of Slow Travel"

Guest Post on “The Art of Slow Travel”

I recently published a guest post on Denise Pulis’ blog, The Art of Slow Travel based on my experience living, studying and volunteering in Cusco. Read my post HERE, and check out some other great articles and photos on her site.   -Text and photography by Sarah Shaw @ All rights reserved.