Project #1: Multilingual

This installation of fifty-six small canvases was inspired by the multitude of languages, written and spoken, throughout New York City. Mainly, I was interested in the aesthetic quality of each character and aimed to combine stray characters from approximately thirty languages to create something completely incoherent. Through imagery, I sought to mimic the noises heard in a Manhattan subway, museum or busy restaurant, where bits and pieces of various languages mix together and language becomes completely unrecognizable to the listener.


Project #2: Road Map: America

Throughout four years of college, I constantly traveled from Brooklyn, New York, where I studied at Pratt Institute, to my hometown of Gorham, Maine. This commute required six to eight hours and two different buses; the Chinatown bus from New York to Boston and Concord Trailways from Boston to Portland, Maine. Throughout the commute, I constantly observed the changing landscape; the farther north I traveled, billboards diminished and more trees appeared. However, the street signs remained the same. In this project, I used United States road maps from various locations throughout the country and printed typical symbols over the cartography. In the future, I plan to research street signs that are particular to a certain area, such as the “moose x-ing” signs in Maine.


Project #3: Westward

Westward expansion. Westward bound. Journeys Westward. This installation documents the mobile lifestyle of modern-day American citizens and residents. Residing in the northeast, I document my journeys with trails of red, mimicking the trails that were paved throughout history, and overlapping the paths taken by others.


-Text, art, and photography by Sarah Shaw @ All rights reserved.