Here’s a list of 204 stories, photo essays and articles on Mapping Words, organized by month and date of publication. Thanks for reading! 


March 2014 (3)

08: February: a month of Murakami and magic realism

26: Camping in the Caribbean: Tayrona National Park

27: Documenting my Peace Corps projects


February 2014 (1)

03: For expats and travelers: the e-book vs. real book debate


January 2014 (1)

27: The 52 Book Challenge: an ambitious January


December 2013 (4)

05: Monks Hitchhike and Nuns Use WhatsApp

08: #3, Collaging Colombia: feet in the sand at Salgar

16: I Live on the Beach: an update and some goals for the next two years

17: Christmas in La Boquilla

18: 2013 in Photos: Goodbye Korea, Hello Colombia, and some stops in between


November 2013 (2)

04: My Miró Breakfast

20: Living among the (domesticated) animals of La Boquilla


October 2013 (3)

05: “Mul” on the floor

09: Collaging Thailand: turquoise waters

16: No light in the neighborhood

30: Vulgarities


September 2013 (8)

03: 30 shots of Mongolia: from Ulaanbaatar to Lake Kovsgol

08: Costeño Slang: 10 words and phrases

15: The homeless woman and the bus

17: It feels weird to not be alone.

17: Carlos’ Birthday

24: A day in the life of a Peace Corps trainee: Colombia

26: Two stories from the grocery line

29: #1, Collaging Mongolia: a symbol of nomadism in Kharkorin 


August 2013 (3)

o1: Staying with nomadic Mongolian families: part II

02: Staying with nomadic Mongolian families: part III

30: My Grandmother and her House on Robie Street


July 2013 (6)

15: ㄱ through ㅎ: What I’ll miss about Korea

17: A portrait of Sangweol Village

22: In Mongolia, don’t be scared of shit.

25: Updates and a shout-out to my readers!

29: Christmas in July… or a night out in rural Maine

31: Staying with nomadic Mongolian families: part I


June 2013 (6)

01: On teaching English conversation classes to Korean university students

04: Learning how to paraglide in Korea

05: Postcards: Huashan, a sacred Taoist mountain

12: 고장 난 에어콘 하고 우리 집주인: writing stories in Korean

17: Guest Post: Jason’s Tips for Living in Colombia

20: Faces of Geumgang University’s Korean language program


May 2013 (6)

01: Spring Festivals in Korea: the Jindo Sea Parting and Butterflies

13: Instagram as a visual diary

18: “Because you’re foreign…” Western, White, and English privilege in Korea

24: South Korea’s multiculturalism

25: Colors of Korea: PURPLE

26: Last night’s dream


April 2013 (6)

03: From City to Country

09: I’m [sketching] on Tumblr now!

10: Dear Dahae,

17: Biking around Upo Wetland, strawberry picking, and experiencing my own funeral

20: Riding the white horse: On being foreign in South Korea

27: How studying Korean made me realize some mistakes I’d made teaching English


March 2013 (11)

02: Skipping along Daxi Old Street

03: A traditional Taiwanese market in Taichung [pics]

04: Stinky Tofu and Sweet and Sour Soup: dinner in a Taiwanese night market 

05: Secrets of Taroko

11: Travelers with Sketchbooks: Kimberly Bryant

12: Prayers and fortune telling at a Taoist temple

13: An ode to my old neighborhood in northeast Seoul

26: A peek inside a Buddhist sculpture studio

27: So, I got accepted into the Peace Corps and I’m… moving to Colombia!

28: Notes on backpacking through Thailand

29: 4 memoirs portraying the realities of present-day North Korea


February 2013 (7)

05: Travelers with Sketchbooks: Candace Rose Rardon

08: My ever-growing attraction to Asian men, and how the US prevented it from happening earlier

13: Skiing in the Year of the Snake

14: Booked: sipping whisky and mingling with men at a Korean booking club

14: Paintings published in [b]racket magazine

15: Goodbye Seokgwan Elementary School

26: Radio Interview with 1013 Main Street on tbs eFM


January 2013 (15)

02: Solo Daecheop: a flash-mob style blind date for the singles in Seoul

03: A portrait of Jangheung Harbor

06: Celebrating the New Year on Jeju Island: part I

07: Loveland: Jeju Island’s erotic sculpture park

07: Celebrating the New Year on Jeju Island: part II

09: Ice Fishing in Hwacheon: embracing Korea’s sub-zero temperatures

15: Postcards: a couple in Kyoto

19: Gay in Korea: an interview with an American expat living in Seoul

20: How to get a scholarship to study Korean at Geumgang University

22: Crafting my first Glimpse narrative and developing a relationship with an editor

24: A year with Adventure Korea

25: Anish Kapoor at the Leeum Samsung

27: That time the Thai masseuse tried to take advantage of my boyfriend…while I was next to him

28: A broken air conditioner and an ajumma in charge

31: My sick, sad obsession with my blog stats


December 2012 (12)

01: Notes from the covert world of Korean shamanism

07: Gyotaku: printmaking with dead fish at Jankura Artspace

12: Are you Russian? an interview about Caucasian female stereotypes and harassment in Korea

13: Postcards: Hiking in Shaxi

14: By night: street art and steel factories in Mullae

15: Postcards: Seoul’s beach train

16: The absence of help: a Korean girl’s testimony on recovering from an eating disorder

17: Promoting Korean Reunification through English Tutoring: an interview with a PSCORE volunteer

18: Dueji and ‘Diet’ stamps: the importance of weight in Korea vs. the United States

19: 2012 in Photos: the year that I never fully unpacked

26: By day: street art and steel factories in Mullae

28: Tasting Central Asian flavors in downtown Seoul


November 2012 (12)

02: Remembering life as an art student in Brooklyn, NY

05: Hiking, Gochujang and Buddhists with swords

09: My first blogiversary

12: Climbing in the mi(d)st of Seoraksan National Park

13: 7 ways to learn Korean for free

16: Postcards: the Great Wall of China

18: Postcards: a lack of anonymity in northeast Seoul

21: Rising before dawn in the mountains: a Buddhist templestay at Geumsansa

21: Perceived as a prostitute on the streets of Seoul

22: More $#!* my students say, write and wear

27: The Ddongchim: Korea’s obsession with anuses

27: Postcards: the Chinese calligrapher


October 2012 (10)

04: Holy…Jesus boats!

09: A Korean Farmstay: Cheongpung Farm and green tea fields

10: Taking the scenic route to Seoul

10: Snapshots from downtown Loboc

13: There’s another white person that lives in my neighborhood

15: Nuts Huts: roughing it in the Filipino jungle

19: When is Travel Photography Inappropriate? 

23: Famous for a day: the Heongseong Hanwoo Beef Festival

29: Sketching Korea

30: Peppermint Hot Chocolate


September 2012 (10)

04: Surfing in Korea

10: Rafting and Bungee Jumping: a day of extreme sports in Korea

11: Dining in the Dark

12: Fall 2012 Glimpse Correspondents Program: the beginning

14: Where to see art in Portland, ME

16: Observations on a Korean Buddhist Templestay

25: Namhae Island: sea kayaking, fishing and coasteering

26: Unfolding my fate in the Saju cafe

26: The Seoul Subway Challenge: LINE 4

27: Learning Korean through sketches


August 2012 (13)

01: Seoul Expat Living: 6 ways to exercise and stay active

03: Photography Equipment: what I use & what I want to use

11: Hiking in Korea: Seoraksan vs. Jirisan

12: snapshots and thoughts from a 24 hour layover in Shanghai

13: Pimp your travel photos with Android: PUDDING CAMERA

17: A Cultural Education in Beijing, China: art class at the China Culture Center

22: Stuffing my face in Maine

23: Life on an island: Long Island, ME

23: Eavesdropping on Line 6

25: Ideas evoked by an unpublished memoir from WWII

28: A day trip downeast

29: Documenting desolation in Lubec, Maine

30: Biking, Hiking, and Swimming on Seonyu Island


July 2012 (13)

06: Running in Seongbuk-gu

08: Sending Socks to North Korea by Balloon

10: Interview with Eunsol Choi: designer and owner of Mustachos

13: Ajumma and Ajeosshi

14: How to travel on a budget in Tokyo

15: Making Sukddok

16: This is what happens when your students play with your hair

16: Couchsurfing with a Chinese Family

21: Utilizing Social Media as a Travel Writer

23: The strangest pick-up lines I’ve gotten around the globe

24: Capture the Colour

25: Reflection on completing the MatadorU travel writing course

30: Sneaking in on Sarah in the shower


June 2012 (7)

06: Seoul’s 13th Korean Queer Culture Festival and a glimpse into homosexuality in Seoul

10: What to do in Seoul if you only have 24 hours

13: Pimp your travel photos with Android: PixlrOMatic

19: Sunday Wanderings at the Jangwi Jeontong Street Market

19: Hitting a Plateau with Korean Language Learning

28: Black Raspberry Picking, Bare Handed Fishing, and Clamming in North Jeolla Province

29: Snapshots from Tokyo


May 2012 (11)

06: Photo Essay: Rooftop Gardens on Jangwi-dong

07: Guest Post on “The Art of Slow Travel”

09: Finding the Beautiful and Bizarre on Nami Island

10: Photo Essay: Skipping Stones on Yongjong Island

14: Sleeping in Straw Houses at the Nagan Folk Village

15: Boseong Green Tea: seeing, smelling, and experiencing the meditative art of tea making

18: Why good photographs are vital for travel blogging

22: Drinking Tea and Staying Healthy Abroad

24: Hiking the Jagged Ridge Trail on Saryang Island

29: 10 Resources for Emerging Travel Photographers 

31: Korean Word Sketches


April 2012 (11)

02: Drink Coffee and Pet Kittens: visit a cat cafe in Seoul

03: Pimp your travel photos with Android: RETRO CAMERA

08: Snapshots from Taiwan

08: Strolling around Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

10: A Traditional Japanese Wedding at Meiji Jingu

14: Korean Couple Attire

16: Pimp your travel photos with Android: PHOTO ART

20: On Buying Oranges in Seoul

22: Do Hoh Suh: a Korean artist encourages viewers to analyze the concept of home

28: Korean Socks of the Day

30: 5 Cultural Boundaries that I Overstepped in South Korea


March 2012 (5)

07: Photo Essay: Koya-san, Japan

19: Tastes of Taiwan

27: Heyri Art Valley: get inspired by Korea’s hidden art village

30: Hike with the Crowds at Bukhansan National Park

31: $#!* my students say…and write…and wear


January 2012 (2)

02: How Teaching English in Korea Actually Helped me Learn Korean

05: Personality by Blood Type: the zodiac of East Asia


December 2011 (7)

06: Get Involved: Visit the House of Sharing

06: Strike a Pose at the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul, South Korea

10: Photo Essay: Abandonment in Southern China

11: MADE IN Series: personal artwork based on globalization and garments

16: The Cab with the Mao Figurine

27: Naked in Korea: experiencing the Korean Jjimjilbang

31: 2011 in Photos: a year of transition and travel


November 2011 (8)

07: How to Eat Sannakji: Korean live octopus

14: Beijing’s 798 Art District: where fine art and commercialism collide

14: Seoul Lantern Festivals

18: 10 Publications to Submit Travel Narratives

20: Rock Climbing with Sanirang

20: 2011 Travel Goals

21: Embracing Change: pondering new methods for creative pursuits abroad

23: Music and Memories