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Mapping Words is geared towards independent travelers who are curious about the world and interested in overlooked places. This blog mainly appeals to long-term travelers, slow travelers and expats who have immersed themselves in a foreign country and have made quality connections with people and place abroad.

Most of my recent content is about living in South Korea and traveling through East Asia. The majority of my readers come from South Korea, but I also have a large following from the United States. 

  • International audience: Mapping Words appeals to creative, passionate travelers and expats around the globe. Because Mapping Words values high quality design and photography, it attracts non-native English speakers as well.
Visits by country from March '12 to March '13: Mapping Words mainly attracts visitors in the United States and South Korea, but there have been visits from multiple countries around the world.

Visits by country from March ’12 to July ’13: Mapping Words mainly attracts visitors in the United States and South Korea, but there have been visits from multiple countries around the world.

  • Professional writing: My work has been published on well-known online travel magazines and popular English publications based in South Korea. I edit and proofread each post with great care. For a list of published work, click here.
  • Knowledge: I’ve lived on four different continents in the past six years, and I have a plethora of knowledge about travel and living abroad. I often write about the United States, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, the Philippines, Peru, and the Netherlands.
  • High quality photography and design: I strive to make Mapping Words visually appealing for all my readers. I majored in art, and I am passionate about combining my writing with engaging photographs and art. I select and edit high quality photos to accompany the text on my posts.
  • Flexibility: I publish travel-related content in a variety of styles, including narratives, destination articles, photo essays, art, service articles, interviews, and general musings.
  • Frequent updates: I update Mapping Words at least once a week (usually more), and I share each article through a number of social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and travel magazines/blogs where my writing has been published.
  • Consistent growth: Mapping Words was created in November 2011. The readership has grown tremendously in a short amount of time, and it is continuously growing. See stats below.
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  • Facebook: 347
  • Twitter: 528
  • Email subscribers: 125


  • I am interested in publishing sponsored posts that fit the writing style and theme of my blog. I also will place ads on the sidebar with accompanying links.  Links will not be permanent. Each sponsored post will expire after one year, and sidebar ads must be paid directly via Paypal on a monthly basis. Contact me to negotiate the details.


  • I am interested in sponsors for future trips–anything from a guided tour to accommodation vouchers. In return, I will publish a review or article with accompanying photos on Mapping Words with a link back to your website/ company. I will also give you permission to publish the said article or review on your own website. Each article from a sponsor is guaranteed to be honest, professional, well-written and visually appealing. I will never publish anything that hasn’t been edited and proofread thoroughly. A contact form is available here.
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  • I am a published writer, and I am always interested in travel writing commissions. Please contact me for more information, or view my professional resume on LinkedIn.


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