“Do you believe in that?” I ask.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop across from a Korean guy I met a month ago, and the subject of blood type personalities arise. No, we aren’t about to discuss blood transfusions, donations or anything else in the realm of medicine, but instead, personality traits associated with each of the four types: A, AB, B and O. To Japanese and Korean people, the question “What’s your blood type?” is the equivalent of “What’s your zodiac sign?” to Westerners. It’s even mandatory for Koreans to write their blood type on job applications and personal documents.

So typically Korean–a comic strip about blood type personalities and studying.^^ Source: http://oneidea2day.wordpress.com/category/bloodtype/

“What’s your blood type?” he questions. I gather that yes, he does believe.








“You’re an A!?”

I sigh. Yes, I have the “boring” blood type. “I KNOW. Whatever. It’s bullshit. Besides, you guessed my blood type last, obviously it doesn’t mean


“You’re an A!” he exclaims, clearly not happy with the outcome. “You have a small mind.”

“What?! I didn’t have a small mind a minute ago! What type are you?”

“I’m an O. A leader!”


I google Korean blood type personalities and discover that this strange personality categorization actually originated in Japan. (Shhh–don’t tell a Korean that!)

Scrolling through the information, I find that:

Type A is known to be creative (okay, that’s true), punctual (hmm, ask my ex about that…), patient (not really), conservative (that’s laughable), introverted (umm, no), obsessive (YES, I ADMIT IT), stubborn (again, yes), self conscious (definitely not), uptight and inclined to be a perfectionist. (If that’s true, then why is my apartment so dirty?) Type As appear calm, but tend to be worriers. They can be secretive and reluctant to share their feelings. (yes.) They are the most artistic of the blood groups. They’re trustworthy, relatively shy and can’t hold their alcohol. (*blushes*)

Type AB is the most cool and collected blood type. They are rational, emphatic and introverted, but slightly aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving. Split between A and B, they can be outgoing yet shy, responsible yet irresponsible, and confident yet timid. They are referred to as “humanists.” They work well as mediators, although they can be seen as two-faced and untrustworthy. Type AB’s are controlled by their heads rather than their hearts and are inclined to be distant.

Type B is supposedly an animal-loving, individualistic, creative, flexible, optimistic, passionate, forgetful, irresponsible, selfish playboy. (Wait a minute, don’t I know a guy who’s a B…?) They are known as “hunters,” and even though they are seen as lazy and shallow, they are passionate and not concerned with what others think of them. In Korea, type B guys are seen as non-husband material. (And I thought being the oldest son was bad enough?) Apparently, they are unreliable players with strong tempers, but are attractive to females in that bad-boy sort of way. There’s even a Korean movie called My Boyfriend is Type B, which you can view here for free with English subtitles.

Type O’s are ambitious, athletic, robust, insensitive, ruthless and vain. They are “warriors,” outgoing and natural leaders. They aren’t afraid to take risks or gambles, and although they initiate many projects, they don’t always finish them. They are popular and expressive, but may annoy others with their obsessive drive for success.

Ever wonder about your blood compatibility?

  • A is most compatible with A and AB
  • B is most compatible with B and AB
  • AB is most compatible with AB, B, A and O
  • O is most compatible with O, and AB
Blood type compatibility is so popular in Korea and Japan that you can join an online dating community that matches you via blood with that special someone. Click here to find your blood soulmate today! (I’m not joking; it’s a real website.)
Do you know your blood type? Do these personality traits fit your type, or do they seem like they can generally apply to anyone? Leave a comment!

Here’s a short video for your enjoyment:

Sources: korea4expats.com and thekoreaguide.com


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